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We understand that choosing the right school for your child is a big decision.  That’s why we invite you to come and see the St Joseph’s Northcote difference.


We would welcome the opportunity to show you around our school – we offer personal tours at a time that suits your family.  Meeting our students and our staff, and seeing how they engage in learning and teaching is a great way of determining if our school will be the right school for you, and your child.


When should I enrol my child for Prep?


To be eligible for enrolment in our Prep 2023 class intake, your child must have their fifth birthday by April 30th 2023.


Do you run a Prep Orientation program?


We believe that a successful transition program really helps children to thrive when they start Prep. 


With this in mind, each November we invite our new Prep students to participate in the Prep Orientation Program.


We start with a parent information night, which is a great opportunity for parents to ask questions, meet teachers and our school leaders.


The children are invited to attend our orientation program, which is made up of two morning sessions from 9am – 11am.  All our new preppies, meet their class teacher and participate in activities that assist with their school transition.


As part of the Prep Orientation process, Prep students are assigned a Buddy from our Senior student community.  Buddies are introduced during the two November visits, and are then a friendly and welcoming face in January as Preppies start their school life.  Our Senior Students offer help, support and friendship to the newest members of our school community.


Is there a handover process with our kinder?


As a part of our commitment to ensuring every child starts their school journey positively, our Prep Transition Leader visits every one of our enrolled Preppy’s kindergartens to speak with the child’s teacher for ‘prep handover’. This gives us an insight into the approaches, strategies and tools that work best for your child.  These are then incorporated into planning for the start of the new school year.


We understand that Prep Transition may need to look a little different depending on the needs of your child. Our Prep Transition Leader can tailor a transition program that works for your family, and this can be discussed on our personalised tours.


Do you run a Phonics Program?


In our Junior Classes we teach synthetic phonics to give our students confidence as they start their reading and writing journey.


Across the school we take an Evidence Based Approach to our teaching and learning.

Do you accept enrolments in other year levels?


We welcome enquiries regarding places for students in other year levels.  These can be made any time, and an appointment with the Principal will be organised.

Places in other year levels are dependent on availability and in accordance with our enrolment policy.


How can I find out more about St Joseph’s?


We welcome your enquiries either by phone, email or in person. 

St Joseph’s Northcote

38 James St, Northcote – we are located just behind the Town Hall.

Principal, Mary Kearney

(03) 9481 7166


Feel free to fill in the form below with your questions, generally we respond by the next school day.


How do I enrol?


If you wish to apply, please download our enrolment form.


If you are interested, we are happy to provide further information on our Enrolment Policy and Governance Structure.

Mary Kearney

At St Joseph's, every day is an open day. If you would like to book a tour of the school or request further information, please fill out this form and we will contact you.

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What are our current parents saying about the St Joseph's difference?

We are incredibly proud of the supportive and caring atmosphere at St Joseph’s.  Here are what some of our parent community have written:

Candice, mum to a Year Two Boy:

"We love the small class sizes, the nurturing environment and the feeling of community."

Jo, mum of a Year One Girl:

- the school was beautifully presented upon arrival

- students & teachers were so friendly & happy when they greeted us

- in each class, the children (& teachers) looked happy & it was a very settled & calm learning environment

- I loved seeing everyone in their uniform, the children looked so beautifully presented

- we were made to feel welcome throughout the whole tour

- the curriculum sounded amazing


What I love about being at St Joey’s:


- every child learns values - respect, morals & kindness

- every child matters & they can be themselves, & ‘shine’ for who they are

- learning is fun for the kids

- the curriculum is fantastic

- the whole school community is amazing 

- the best teachers & staff we could ever ask for

Tanya, mum to a Year Five Boy:

"Choosing St Joseph’s primary school for our two children was undoubtedly the best decision my partner and I made. We have been consistently happy with all their teachers, not to mention Mary the principal and Andrea the vice principal who both exude a warmth and familiarity that can only leave you feeling like you’ve brought your child into the St Joseph’s ‘family’.

Mary, the fabulous principal, knows each child not just by name but by personality. St Joseph’s offers a wide-open door policy and their willingness to talk through any concerns is comforting and reassuring. At St Joseph’s they have an innovative attitude towards teaching and are quick to adopt current learning methods. Your child will never be left behind, and your questions will never be left unanswered. My children have formed strong friendships with fellow pupils as have I with parents; being part of a small school community means you will never feel lost or lonely. I can’t recommend St Joseph’s enough as an invaluable start to your child’s education."

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