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The Year 1/2 “Flash From the Past” Exhibition - a great success!

On Thursday, the first week of Term 4, the 1/2 students opened their museum. It was no ordinary museum, it was an ‘olden day’ museum. There were dolls, blankets, jewelery, photos and much more. The parents all asked interesting questions and we did our best to answer them. Every parent that came complimented us, saying that the museum was great.

- Molly and Lillyanne

Last Thursday, 1/2E and 1/2L had an exhibition about the ‘olden days’. Lots of the parents and other classes came to have a look at it. When it was happening, we had an old record player playing old records like Elvis Presley and The Beatles. We had to present our ‘olden day’ items using the success criteria. Some of the criteria was to give eye contact and to project our voices, speaking clearly. We really enjoyed creating the exhibition.

- Elisa and Olivia

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